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Infant Jesus of Prague / Sto. Niņo Praga #20 (SNP20)

8" tall statue of Infant Jesus of Prague (Sto. Niņo Praga).

It is said that displaying a red Sto. Niņo Praga in your home will bring you good luck, while a green one will bring financial success to your place of business.

Available in red or green. (Currently available only in red)




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Child Jesus / Sto. Niņo Welcome #50 (SNW50)

22" tall of Welcome Sto. Niņo.

Delicate features include glass eyes and life-like, long beautiful lashes




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Child Jesus / Sto. Niņo Welcome #10 (SNW10)

3" tall statue of the Child Jesus / Sto. Niņo Welcome.

Let the Child Jesus welcome and bless anyone who comes to your home of place of work. Great for housewarming gifts. Your choice of light blue, light yellow, red or pink. Please specify.

Made of a lightweight combination of fiberglass and resin.




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Child Jesus / Sto. Niņo Prosperity #65 (SNPR65)

26" tall statue of the Child Jesus / Sto. Niņo Prosperity.

This exquisite statue depicts Jesus as a child holding a cluster of fruits on his left arm and blessing the devout with his right hand.

It is said that this statue symbolizes prosperity (as represented by the fruits) and as such, would bring prosperity and good luck to your home, business, or wherever you choose to put it.

Available in gold or deep red. Child Jesus' loving face compliments his beautiful glass eyes with life-like long beautiful lashes.


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Qty:  RED


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Sto. Niņo Atocha #30

12" tall Sto. Niņo Atocha statue.


This is a statue in honor of the Divine Child as the Nino de Atocha. He is sitting on a throne and holds a basken in one hand and a staff in the other.



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